November 4, 2014 - Wright and Other Republican Judges Sweep Harris County - Judge Loyd Wright wins re-election to Harris County Probate Court No. 1 with 55.16% of the vote. Click here for complete election results.

October 7, 2014 - Houston Chronicle Endorsement - Harris County Probate Court No. 1: Loyd Wright - "Loyd Wright, the Republican incumbent, brings about 30 years of probate experience and a palpable enjoyment of his job to this bench. First elected in 2010, Loyd, 58, is a self-described 'nuts and bolts probate guy.' A graduate of the University of Houston Law Center and The University of Texas at Austin School of Business with a masters in accounting and taxation, Wright has the academic background to match his years of legal experience. In his four years on the bench, Wright has fulfilled his 2010 campaign promise to replace his court's automated phone service with a staff member to answer calls during business hours. In this friendly race, Wright told the editorial board that his Democratic challenger, Kim Bohannon Hoesl, 49, is qualified but lacks the depth of his experience. We agree. Hoesl shines with intellectual heft, and her stellar yet nontraditional academic background suggests she would shine on the bench. In addition to a law degree from the University of Houston Law Center, Hoesl has a masters in psychology from Rice University. But Wright is the sort of candidate who lives and breathes probate law."

October 2014 - Association of Women Attorneys - Houston Endorsement - I am honored to receive the judicial endorsement of the Association of Women Attorneys - Houston for the 2014 General Election. From the website: "Houston’s Association of Women Attorneys (AWA) prides itself on the quality of its judicial endorsements. The AWA’s endorsement process is respected as one of the most thorough in Harris County. Candidates seeking the AWA’s endorsement each respond to a written questionnaire and interview with the AWA’s Judicial Screening Committee. The final endorsements draw on the considerable experience of the AWA membership. The AWA’s endorsements are non-partisan. The AWA has made every effort to identify the candidate with the experience, intellect, demeanor, and work ethic best suited to the bench they are seeking. Thank you to each of the 85 candidates who screened with us this year. We deeply admire your commitment to public service. The AWA would also like to thank the members of the Judicial Screening Committee who made these endorsements possible—Calli Baldwin, Julia Cook, Sarah Frazier, Tanya Garrison, Andrea Patterson, Gwen Richard, Steve Schueler, Emily Smith, and Rabeea Sultan."

October 7, 2014 - 2014 HBA Judicial Preference Poll Results - Judge Wright received 508 of the 787 (65.0%) votes cast in this latest HBA Judicial Preference Poll relating to the November 4th election. HBA Press Release - "(Houston - October 7, 2014) The Houston Bar Association (HBA) today released the results of its 2014 Judicial Preference Poll. In each election year, the HBA asks its members to indicate their preference in contested judicial and some administrative races. The 2014 Judicial Preference Poll includes Democratic, Green, Libertarian and Republican candidates in contested races for the Supreme Court of Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Houston Courts of Appeals, Harris County District Courts, Probate Courts, Harris County Courts at Law, Harris County Clerk, Harris County District Clerk, Harris County District Attorney and Harris County Judge. The poll was conducted through online voting, with 1,932 polls returned or a return rate of 21 percent of eligible HBA voters. Believing that an informed electorate is vital to the efficient administration of justice, the Houston Bar Association has conducted judicial polls since the early 1970s." The Houston Bar Association is a nonprofit, professional organization for attorneys. The HBA, the fifth largest metropolitan bar association in the nation, provides professional development, education and service programs for the legal profession and the community. Click here for all the results of the 2014 Judicial Preference Poll Results. The Judicial Preference Poll is not an endorsement by the Houston Bar Association for any candidate. 

September 4, 2014 - Houston Realty Business Coalition Endorsement - I am honored to again receive the endorsement of the Houston Realty Business Coalition (HRBC) for the November 4th election. "The Houston Realty Business Coalition (HRBC) is proud to support these candidates," said Welcome Wilson, Jr., Chairman of the Houston Realty Business Coalition. "HRBC has no doubts that these are not only the most qualified candidates but that their collective principled leadership, dedication, and hard work will continue to dictate decisions that will be good for Texas." "The purpose of our organization is to give voice to the many professionals who work in the real estate industry and to see that their opinions are heard. We take great pride in our selections and in the judgment of our members that these are the best candidates" said Welcome Wilson, Jr., Houston Realty Business Coalition Chairman. The organization was established in 1967 and encourages the election of those candidates who support and affirm one of the most precious and basic American rights: the rights associated with the private ownership of property. A powerful force in the political and business life of Houston, membership in the group includes Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

August 26, 2014 - Mexican American Bar Association of Houston Judicial Endorsement - I am honored to receive the judicial endorsement of the  Mexican American Bar Association of Houston. From the MABAH website: "In 2012, MABAH entered its 40th year of service to the Hispanic attorney and, most importantly, to the Hispanic community. It is one of the largest Hispanic law organizations in the State of Texas with a diversity of talent, expertise and leadership. MABAH is proud of the diverse nationalities of its members: Puerto Rican, Argentinean, Mexican, Cuban, Guatemalan, Mexican-American and non-Hispanic. It is truly representative of the Hispanic Community of Metropolitan Houston, and as dynamic. Tradition and established recognition are the reasons we have chosen to remain known as The Mexican American Bar Association. Membership is open to any licensed attorney, members of the judiciary, or graduate of an accredited law school."

August 14, 2014 - Pasadena Bar Association Judicial Endorsement - I am honored to receive the judicial endorsement of the Pasadena Bar Association. From the PBA website: "The Pasadena Bar Association promotes justice, professional excellence and improvement of the legal profession. PBA is dedicated to serving our community and the legal profession. Throughout the year we hold pro-bono legal events and perform charity work within our community. PBA offers its members a variety of programs designed to assist in their professional development."

2014 HBA Judicial Candidate Qualification Results - Judge Wright received a combined 87% well qualified (52.4%) or qualified (34.6% ) rating in the latest HBA Poll results. During election years, the HBA conducts its Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire in which members are asked to evaluate judges and candidates on a qualified, well qualified or not qualified basis. The Houston Bar Association is a nonprofit, professional organization for attorneys. The HBA, the fifth largest metropolitan bar association in the nation, provides professional development, education and service programs for the legal profession and the community.Click here for the results of the 2014 Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire. The Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire is not an endorsement by the Houston Bar Association. 

2013 HBA Judicial Evaluation Results - Judge Wright received a combined 77.6% "overall evaluation" rating of excellent (49.5%) or above average (28.1%) in the November 2013 HBA Poll results. In non-election years, the HBA conducts its Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire in which members are asked to evaluate all elected and appointed judges on a number of professional and ethical questions. Click here for the results of the 2013 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire. The Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire is not an endorsement by the Houston Bar Association. 

Wright Receives Endorsement of  "C" Club of Houston- I am honored to once again receive the endorsement of the "C" Club of Houston. The purpose of the “C” Club of Houston is to promote an environment in which candidates possessing high moral principles and a clear vision of the future can be elected. The “C” Club's non-partisan support of political candidates is heavily based upon, but not limited to, the candidate's support of conservative fiscal policies; and, the preservation of our communities and the promotion of a strong economy. Founded in 1964, the “C” Club PAC is composed of 100 fiscally conservative Houston business and professional members who make a continuous study of local, Texas government. Each year the "C" Club focuses on the Justices and Judges seeking out the best candidate to promote conservative values. A conservative approach to enforcement of Texas law is a critical consideration. Click here to see the "C" Club recommended endorsements for 2014.

Wright Receives Endorsement of  Houston Police Officers' Union PAC - I am honored to once again receive the endorsement of the Houston Police Officers' Union PAC. The Houston Police Department has always been a leader in law enforcement in the United States. As Houston becomes an ever more complex and diverse city, the HPD continues to evolve to meet the needs of citizens it serves and protects. The HPOU PAC evaluates elected officials and candidates at the local and state level. HPOU PAC represents the interests of working police officers and their families. Click here to see the Houston Police Officers' Union PAC recommended endorsements for 2014.

I am honored to receive the endorsement of P.O.L.I.C.E. Inc.  P.O.L.I.C.E. INC. was founded by police officers serving the Houston and surrounding areas who currently are attorneys practicing in the court system where families rely upon good judges making good decisions. Being actively involved within the legal community, they stay in touch with candidate excellence and conduct research which families can rely upon in making decisions when electing important government officials. They place a very high value upon the hard work and effort that goes into researching each  candidate and feel that voters may maintain confidence in knowing that the endorsement was truly deserving. They diligently review each candidate and will only stand behind those that meet their high standards. Click here to see the P.O.L.I.C.E. Inc. recommended endorsements for 2014.


Judge Loyd Wright and Governor Greg Abbott
Loyd Wright With Chuck Norris and Gena O'Kelley

Chuck Norris and Wife, Gena O'Kelley